Friday, November 30, 2007

So now what do I do?

The big push at Hyphenated Corp. is over. If it's going out this year, it's at Manufacturing by now. Today I cleaned up the administrative details from the two-volume book and four CDs I did this week, and then took a bit of sick time to try to recover from the cold which hit me Wednesday night.

I am anxious, though, about what I will do from now on. What if they fire me because there isn't any work for me? That may be an irrational fear, but it's how my mind works.

Oh, and to Becs: if you can't bitch, whine, moan & worry in your blog, where can you do it?


Anonymous said...

If they fire you wny not go to work in a Lush store?

Siiiiiilver liiiining!

Becs said...

Ah ha! You have work Post Traumatic Stress Disorder too! I'm always fairly terrified I'm going to get fired/laid off/euphemism of your choice.

I've noticed if I think of myself as a contractor, there to do a job, learn, and move on, I cope a lot better. And somehow, more work always comes along...