Thursday, November 15, 2007

More than anything else,

I want to crawl back into bed and stay there. Not because of work, that's going fairly well right now, if a bit frustrating. No, it's because the L'Hermittes is really acting up. I never know when this happens if it qualifies as a full-blown MS exacerbation, and I'm afraid to ask my neuro in case I wind up with an IV full of solumedrol in my arm for the next three days. But the tingling drives me crazy, especially when it's in my face. It's everywhere else, too, but the face is what makes me want to go back to bed and spend as much time as possible sound asleep.

Bleah. I hate my retarded white cells.


the queen said...

Good God, it must be the season. I looked down at my keyboard two days ago and took to my bed.

And I hear you - right now I'm weighing if I should tell my neuro something. Of course, he could insist I go into the hospital, and I could just say "don't have time, let the white cells nibble away."

Zayrina said...

I sorry my leetle cabbage. Many non-lesbian hugs. You too Queen.

Becs said...

My dearest dears - you must both do the dreaded and talk to your neuros. I know, easy for me to say. But the whole idea is to take steps to nip it in the bud, yes? Please take care of yourselves.

Who else will comment on my blog? (That's right - it's all about meeee - mwa ha ha ha.)

Jammies said...

Your Majesty, Zayrina, you've both let me down. Between an experienced MS'er and a nurse, I was expecting someone to say, "Oh, it's just L'Hermittes, no biggie!"

Becs, you're not helping, but I still like you.

I do feel rather ashamed of myself for whining, though. Really, in the grand scheme of things, after three and a half years of remission, a little tingling is nothing. Time for Jammies to shut up.

Anonymous said...


I could most certainly make reference to buzzing things in the right area's if you but just concentrated hard enough or moved your neck the right way. However, I wont :)

I do hope that it goes away soon.

Much love from Mel and myself.


Becs said...

Helloooo? It's not whining. It's noticing something's amiss and taking care of yourself.

I'm ignorant - is this the symptom of a new lesion? Is there anything that can be done about it?

If there is, march thy Jammicus butt to the doctor. And I still like you, too.

Zayrina said...

"Your Majesty, Zayrina, you've both let me down. Between an experienced MS'er and a nurse, I was expecting someone to say, "Oh, it's just L'Hermittes, no biggie!""

Cept I don't know muffin bout no l'hermittes. For all I know it is something to be worried about. Granted it might be a "no biggie" issue, but it is making my friend uncomfortable which automatically makes it a biggie.

BTW I read an article about smoking's effects on MS. [Nagmode]It's bad.[/Nagmode]

More hugs to my lettle cabbage.

Jammies said...

Thanks, Otter. Love to you and Mel as well.

Becs, it probably isn't a new lesion, and it's whining because I'm complaining while absolutely not intending to call my neuro. I'll mention it at my annual in January and try not to whine too much before then.

Yes, Zayrina, I know. *nlh* even if you are indulging in some nagging.