Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Easy gift-giving

Apparently, my team doesn't do any sort of present exchange for the holiday season. I decided that as I don't know anyone that well, I'm not going to even try for minigifts this year.

Instead, since tomorrow is the big "Everything has to be to Manufacturing" day, I am bringing a "picnic lunch" consisting of a meat & cheese tray, a veggie tray, pasta salad and cookies. Nobody has to go out and get lunch or worry about packing, they can all just nibble when they have a moment for a break.

Maybe next year I will know everyone better and feel comfortable picking out minigifts, but this year, I'm doing it the easy way.


Becs said...

Saint Jammies - that's you. No really, that's so thoughtful.

Sherri said...

It is. It super much is.

Of course, if Blondblob comes back to you with one tray and says "this is more than anyone else gave". I'd throw it at her.

Jammies said...

Becs, hardly a saint, just trying to make things a little easier on everyone, including me.

Sherri, no, see today's entry for what did happen. *giggle*