Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I have moved my Paypal and (hopefully) my direct deposit to my new checking account at my credit union. The minute I'm sure my paycheck is going into the new account and that all outstanding checks have cleared, I'm closing the account with Big Box Bank and saying good riddance.

When I told Mom about yesterday's irritation with Blondezilla and the reason for the collection, she said, "Get me an address. I'm going to mail that family a contribution of my own." Sometimes I just love her so much I could burst.

The L'Hermittes is still active. I frequently feel as if someone injected large amounts of a carbonated beverage under my skin and I don't enjoy it.

Bigfoot's tail continues to get furrier and appears to be fully healed. One of these days, I will forgive him for scaring me half to death.

Given the amount of work involved with the new book, I'm really glad the other one got built last Wednesday. Still, having a three-day weekend made me long for a week off instead of re-energizing me.

Damn, my life is boring--thanks to the two or three people who made it this far.


yisa said...

I made it all the way through but I did have to take a nap first.

Yeah for getting a new bank. Credit Unions are nice, IMO!

-O-boy said...

Coffee helped me on this day's journey.

Boring? HA.
My life
wake up, walk 27 steps to work.
work, eat, work. walk 12 steps to the couch.

Break out the streamers!!