Monday, November 26, 2007

General growliness

I don't mind when the senior editor check on my book turns up stuff I've missed--that's what it's for. I do mind, rather fervently, when people then check on me all damn day to see if I've fixed it yet!

A very sad thing happened right before Thanksgiving. One of the cleaners who worked in our office building was hit by a car and is not expected to live. She has five children between the ages of one and fifteen, and so there was a drive posted to buy grocery store gift cards for the family. I contributed the amount I had set aside to buy BPAL perfumes. I figure that was money that's better spent as a contribution, and I can still save up and get my goodies later. Today, Blondezilla came and offered me my check back, announcing that I gave too much because most people just contributed fifteen or twenty dollars. I turned her down politely, but after she left, I couldn't help but seethe. What difference does it make what other people give? My contribution was what I could afford and wanted to give.



Becs said...

Mother Teresa was approached by a leper. He was on crutches and was a horrible sight to see. He handed her three rupees, his donation for her orphanage.

The reporter with her said, "But why are you letting this man give you money he desperately needs himself?"

She said, "He is giving what he thinks he can give. I will not take his dignity from him by denying him this gift."

Not that you're a beggar or a leper or anything, but it was nobody else's business what you gave.

rgraham666 said...

Sigh. Humans.

*HUGS* Jammies.

Sherri said...

I'm seeing "seeking status" and politicking. Why is politicking usually the thing furthest from being polite?

I gotta get boxes boxed! I gots a Lasik Consultation today. I want new eyes!

Jammies said...

Becs, don't worry--I'm sensitive, but I don't seek out insults when it's obvious that only kindness is meant.

Rob, there's a reason we're curmudgeonly, no? ;-)

Sherri, you were one of my easiest people to buy for, so of course I have found your birthday gift as well as your Christmas gift.

George said...

Blondezilla, huh? I need to find a lawyer so that I can sue her for copyright infringement of Tobyzilla.