Thursday, November 29, 2007

I hab a code id by dose

Plus sneezing, an itchy face and itchy eyeballs. Yesterday, I worked nine hours, fought my way home, took two benadryl, had a minty bath, took four more benadryl and went to bed. I woke up around 11 in mid-asthma attack (my first in over two years) and eventually went back to bed clutching my inhaler like a teddy bear.

This morning, I got up early, went to Giant Eagle and picked up our lunch, had a terrible time checking out and went to work. Lunch went over well. I received thank-you e-mails from the women on the team, and Blondezilla asked if I minded if she made a sandwich. Mind you, she asked with her mouth full of Swiss cheese from the tray, but she did ask.

My new book was built, and next year, it will not be a new book, so if I am still at Hyphenated Corp, it will be easier. Soon I will find out what jurisdiction(s) will be my responsibility in 2008, and what the job of team librarian entails.

Right now, I want another bath and another early bedtime.


Becs said...

Feel better, Jammies.

And I still think you're a saint.

rgraham666 said...

*HUGS* Jammies