Monday, November 05, 2007

Ragged tail

Mine this time, not Bigfoot's. I got chewed out twice today, both times for jumping the gun and sending out page proofs before they were totally ready. I am trying not to be all defensive about it, but that's still something I need to work on, even after years of knowing it's part of my personality.

Ahh well, it is miserable outside, with a cold rain bucketing down, and I am inside with warm puppymonsters, garlic bread fondue for dinner, and comfy grubby clothes on. I'll live, and hopefully learn.


rgraham666 said...

*HUGS* sweetie. You'll be good.

No worries.

Becs said...

Hugs, too. So sorry you had a sucky day. However, from my experience, an extremely sucky day is generally followed by a pretty good day.

Zayrina said...

Good thing thatpuppy hugs can cure sucky job days.

Sherri said...

The nice thing is you can change parts of your personality, especially if they get your ass chewed (in a not nice way). I mean, here I am, talking on the telephone without being threatened with death, submitting stories to magazines like I know what I'm doing...and losing 7 pounds so far this month.


So, if wussy ass me can manages some changes, you of the major will power (you are) and massive amounts of determination will conquer all.

Jammies said...

Today was semi-sucky, but I am still stomping on my defensiveness.

Way to go on the 7 pounds, Sherri!