Sunday, November 25, 2007


This was going to be a thoughtful Sunday night post about something philosophical.

Then I got on the scale.

I've lost one hundred fifty pounds since July 6th, 2006.

I'm too giddy to be philosophical.



Zayrina said...

Part of your lost fat has attached itself to my ass. Please send your lost fat East, not West.

Thank you.

PS, good job!

Canuck Girl said...

Whoo Hoo Jammies. That is incredible. I am so proud of you.


(PS. I love it when the word verifications are so long that the letters scrunch together. The mushed letters combined with the nasty font selections make them next to impossible to decifer, even with my glasses on. wishe me luck)

lisa said...

Jammies! That is awesome! Congrats. *grins*

Kei said...

Hot damn, Jammies! Cool!

Scott said...

Yay, Jammies!

rgraham666 said...

Yay Jammies! Well done! :D