Friday, November 16, 2007

So many books, so little time

is no longer an amusing bumper sticker but the stressful reality of my life. My team has around fifty books to build by November 29th, which is the last day to send a book to manufacturing. Two of those are mine--one easy, one not. The easy one is hanging out waiting for its time to come around, and the not-easy one bit me today when I picked up printout from the copier in the mailroom. It's 2,016 pages, and I had to print two hard copies, one for each editor. Lucky Enigman, my attorney editor on this one, gets to send the copies out to the authors.

At Hyphenated Corp, we have a new guy in the mailroom who is really nice, and some office politics in which I am tangentially embroiled, which is not nice. Mindful of the fact that this is public, I am not going to say anything beyond, "BLEAH."

Speaking of public, the latest issue of "Momentum," fka "Inside MS," recommends that you not have a blog at all in case someone from your job finds it and you get fired for having MS. Erm. Too late for me to not have a blog, and I'm not going to stop posting in it just because of paranoia. Besides, if you do the MS Walk, your name is up on their website with a fundraising page, so why worry about a blog?

Besides, you all know that it's my work persona that is the fake, and Jammies is the real person. ;)


rgraham666 said...

And what a lovely real person Jammies is. :)

the queen said...

Oh, they don't want our employers to know we have MS? Why do they put us on steroids and put a phone in the hospital room? Why then? If not to call our co-workers and say "Hi! I've got MS! How ya doin?"

Sherri said...

Ya know, firing you for having MS strikes me as at least a LITTLE illegal -- you know, that whole discrimination against disabilities thing?

It's not like you went out and BOUGHT MS, like an accessory (it goes so nice with that pantsuit and colostomy bag set). It wasn't even a Free Gift With Purchase with your Fresh Depression facial kit. Oh no, this was just a Happy Happenstance, a fancy of nature visited upon you. You're soooo lucky, yes?

Besides, it isn't illegal to have MS. Uncomfortable, inconvenient, and potentially deadly, maybe, but not illegal. Save the firing for the people who are embezzling the retirement funds.

and my word verification scramble for today was KFWSEXU which sounds like something kinky involving Colonel Sanders.

Jammies said...

Thanks Rob.

Your Majesty, I thought the steroids and the phone were for prank calls on the jokers charging a year's worth of income for the MS meds...

Sherri, but it came with ultra-fashionable polka dots on my brain! How could I resist? And I don't know that anyone would fire me for having MS, just that the magazine says it's a possibility. I'll continue to think better of Hyphenated Corp than that.

And only you would think of fried chicken and kinky in the same sentence.