Friday, November 02, 2007

Where have I been?

Yesterday, I had kibbie (or kibby or kibbi) for the first time, and it was wonderful. Now there are two things from the local Lebanese restaurant I know I like, which means that next time I'm there, I'll be torn between getting one of the two or trying something else new!

I have to make more puppykibbie, aka Satin Balls this weekend, along with mailing some packages and making & mailing some Willies. Plus I have to work for Bosstopus as usual. Hopefully, I can get the cleaning done as well.

This month, I have three books to build, maybe four, but for one of them, it depends on last year's publishing specialist getting me the front matter files--all they sent was page one of both files I need.

At least I have the worry of the 'Foots being overdue on their shots out of the way. I dropped 'em off this morning on my way to work and picked 'em up on my way home. Bigfoot is up to seventy-three pounds and Littlefoot is down to fifty-nine, so I'm feeding them the right amounts, at least. At the moment, they are sacked out in poses of utter exhaustion because today was such a big day. I'm tempted to go have a nap myself, but if I do, I know perfectly well I won't sleep tonight, and since I have to work in the morning, I'll just have a cup of coffee and push on.


Sherri said...

I thought Bosstopus had hired a person to do what you used to do? Aren't they doing it right? Or is it just your magic touch she needs?

I hope you can make it through the Fforde books just so you can read about the book building in the 4th book...

rgraham666 said...

Nothing quite like an ordinary day, is there?


Jammies said...

Sherri, I have been working half a day on the weekends for Bosstopus since I quit. The very lovely new person only works 20 hours a week and it is not fair to hit her with court accountings right away, so I do those.

Rob, thank you for all your support in ordinary and non-ordinary days. *smooch*