Saturday, November 03, 2007

Pretty autumn day

And I've done very little that's productive. I did get the grocery shopping done and two boxes mailed to Canada, and as soon as this is posted I shall go make Satin Balls for Bigfoot, but otherwise I have been lazy.

I rarely get hits from Google searches, but it was especially nice to see that I got one Friday night. Someone was looking for Kogi mugs and came here! I'm proud to know Ms. Kogi, and happy that she's getting some recognition for her lovely mugs.

On the subject of being proud of friends, Ms. Yisabeyya actually fell asleep last night without sleeping pills, which is a big brave step forward, Sherri sold a short story, and my friend Megan is well enough to re-open her shop for a short time to take holiday orders.

Yay and way to go to all of my friends.


Becs said...

Woo hoo! Sometimes, life can be good. Seize the day and wring the heck out of it. :)

Zayrina said...

Always better to be in a cast of characters than a character in a cast I always say. Or I will now anyway.

Have I mentioned that there is a lot less of you to love lately?