Saturday, April 23, 2016

What HAVE I forgotten?

Mom and Dad are picking me up between 3 and 3:15.  Dad is taking us to the airport, where we will board a 5:30 flight to Detroit, where we change planes for Amsterdam, where we change planes for Bordeaux.  Mom and I are going on a 7-night Smithsonian cruise from Bordeaux to Britain!

I have packed:

2 skirts
4 pairs of pants
1 pair of capris
4 collared shirts
1 jacket
1 cardigan
9 pairs underwear
8 pairs socks
3 bras
2 pairs tennis shoes
1 pair sandals
body butter
3 inhalers
1 bottle vitamins
3 ponytail holders
4 bottles medication

and I still feel as if I'm forgetting something!  :headdesk:

Ya'll be good while I'm gone, and no raucous parties!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Leftovers from the trip and a great reason to be home

My flight home was unremarkable except for the couple of hours I got to spend at the airport with Captain Crossword and the princesses.

I see that I forgot to post this picture of a calm, cool and collected Jack Russell terrier being a service dog:

He and his person were seeing the sights as I was waiting for John and Jen at the Leaky Cauldron.

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Universal Studios Day Three: Saturday, March 19

On Saturday, we all went to the park.  Mom had us all organized and eating breakfast at 8 and on the shuttle by 8:30, even Scary Bear.  We got off the bus, hiked the mile to security and got held up because NONE of us remembered that Dad carries a Swiss Army knife.  It's just a normal part of his pocket detritus, and he's had it for 40 or so years and didn't want to lose it.  Eventually, he checked the knife with security and we were free to go on our way.

We went on the Shrek ride, which was really a 3D movie in a theater with moving seats.  The movie was so clever and funny and of course there's a happy ending.  My favorite bit was the shout-out to the Blues Brothers.  After the show, we walked over to Diagon Alley, and the girls decided they wanted to ride the Gringott's ride again, and this time Mom and I went with them.  We didn't need a locker because we had Scary Bear and Captain Crossword!

There's a "gold" statue of the founding goblin outside Gringott's, a beautiful main gallery and lots of animatronic goblins hard at work with quills, parchment and scales.  The ride was as good as the Hogwarts ride, and I see why the girls wanted to do it again.