Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A new family member

The Pickypants family has a dog now! He's an American bulldog, adult, and a rescue. I shall be meeting him on Thanksgiving. He sounds like an absolute cutie, although my sister-in-law says he's got a lot in common with Marley from "Marley and Me." I told her that even Bigfoot, who sets the standard for wonderful dogs, has his Marley moments.

Every boy should have a dog, so now my nephews have one. For that matter, every dog should have a boy, and now Ralph has two!


rogue said...

Every dog should have a boy (or a girl). Yay for Marley finding a great home!!

rogue said...

duh! I thought he was named marley - now I see it's ralph! Chalk that brain fart up the my advanced age.

Jammies said...

Rogue, my darling dear, you are forever young! You just need to work on your reading comprehension. ;-)