Wednesday, November 21, 2007


No wonder I've been whacking nerves--I just discovered my auto-injector was set at 10mm instead of the recommended 6mm. That means I've been driving the needle in nearly twice as far as it should go. That's definitely one for the "dumb things I've done" file.

On the other hand, I built one of my books eight days early today, and added a form and fixed some of the references in my other one. Plus I got a lovely surprise in the form of a Thanksgiving card from a friend, saying she was thankful to have gotten to know me. *blush* And she sent chocolate, too!

Speaking of Turkey Day, it looks like NE Ohio is in for some very nasty weather tomorrow, and I've decided I don't want to be northbound on I-71, in the dark, with the semis, driving through freezing rain. So I've informed my sister-in-law that I won't be there, and instead I am planning to go get my five hours for Bosstopus out of the way. After that, I will have a three-day weekend, in which I shall alternate being a complete slug and cleaning Casa de Jammies. My kind of holiday. *grin*


Sherri said...

Smart. Stay home.

We are on task for dinner and chores at the MIL's. The weather will be perfect. No excuses.

We are still planning some sloth.

Zayrina said...

I will be doing a 3 day too, work me in!

Jammies said...

It's snowing outside, I've had a lovely slob day, and Thanksgiving dinner is sausage gravy.

If I could purr with happiness, I would.