Monday, July 09, 2007

A letter from Littlefoot

Dear Auntie MaryMargrt,

Thank you so much for the neato toys that you send to Bigfoot and me. I like the red one best, which is good, 'cos Bigfoot has his nose stuck in the middle of the yellow one and he says he's not sharing.

Bigfoot has been really rotten lately, and PL is very exasperated with him. I am being very very good and sweet and cute and she only pays attention to me when I shove my nose in her hand really hard. It's so unfair--she treats me like a redheaded stepdog!

Oh, thank you for the cryptic pencils, whatever those are. I guess they are a people thing, because they don't smell very yummy and PL put them up in a cupboard even Bigfoot can't reach. Did you know he knows how to open the refrigerator? He's a very smart big brother, even if he is a pain.

PL says it is rude to ask for special favors when someone gives you a present, but I don't care. If you send us any more presents, could you please mail them from your house so they get to smell like all those interesting kitties you have? I didn't get nearly enough snuffle time to enjoy all of the different kitty scents on your shoes when you were here.

Thank you again for the presents, and please consider yourself slurped.



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Jay said...

Ooooh, da cute doggie wuv!