Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Attack of the Zombie If Bunny

Yes, just when I thought the If Bunny of the job at WestLaw was dead, it rose from the grave. Yesterday afternoon at work, I got a phone call from the recruiter at ThompsonWest, who told me that they'd been authorized to hire a second publishing assistant and the interviewers had specifically requested me.

After a long talk with Mom, an exchange of PMs with Maresche (the one who told me about the job) and a night of sleep, I called this morning and accepted the job. I need to fill out some forms and take a drug test, and they will run a background check, but since I don't have any kind of criminal history and I plan on refraining from poppyseed bagels this weekend, I should start on July 30th. Mom is pleased for me but worried for the office, which I understand. I am very pleased that it's looking as if she & Vegan Lawyer will be able to stay in the office--apparently, the university has no immediate plans for the space.

VL was nice enough to say that the office won't be the same without me, and Goldilocks threatened to bring ropes, nails and glue to work on Tuesday, so she can make it impossible for me to leave. :-) Snoopy had left for the day by the time I found out, so I don't know if anyone will tell him before I come back. Neither of my brothers answered their cells, so if they don't call me back before I hit the Submit Post button, they risk finding out here. *grin*

I'm scared and excited both, and awfully glad I have five days of relaxation before I go back into the office and run around like a headless chicken cleaning up my desk and getting everything shipshape for after I'm gone.

Cleaning tomorrow seems like a simple and quiet thing to do right now, lol.

ETA: Mom surprised me this morning by bringing me a lemon pound cake as my birthday cake and a loaf of her wonderful banana nut bread because I'm having company. I can't wait to cover the cake with sliced fresh strawberries!


CaptSpaulding the African Exlplorer said...

CONGRATS!!! You needed some good news.

Now if only Mr. Stoopid Tail Chewerer would cooporate, den everyfin will be fine.

Scott said...

Put in a good word for the underemployed among us. Oh, and congratulations!

Jay said...

YAY! now we have use for all that booze we're bringing north!

Alessia Brio said...

You're bringing booze? *grin*

Sherri said...

Ya, we bring booze. You bring your own mixers and swizzle sticks. :D

rgraham666 said...

Yay Jammies. I'm so happy for you, sweetie.

Zayrina said...


Argy said...

Bravo! Bon chance!

KLN said...

YAY for Jammies, hooray!!

Oooooooh, does that mean you can get me cases for me, wink wink ;-)

Jammies said...

Thanks, everybody!

Cap'n, Mr. Stoopid Tail Chewer goes back to the vet this morning. I think maybe we can get through this without a total tail amputation, but the vet may disagree.

Scott, if you'd like to be underemployed in Ohio instead of Virginia, I know an attorney who's looking for an assistant. ;-)

And lovely booze it is, Jay & Sherri, thank you. :)

Alessia, can't wait until you join us!

Can't wait until you get here too, Rob.

Yup yup to the wow thing, Zayrina. I'm still getting used to it.

Thanks, Argy.

KLN, I can't promise cases, but I do get a discount on books, so if there's something you want, let me know!