Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I won't make the obvious comment and inflict a horrible earworm on my few precious readers, but today I asked my team leader why she looks so familiar.

"We graduated from high school together. I thought you knew."

Erm, nope. Clueless Jammies.

However, I'm doing some actual work now in addition to my training, and it feels pretty good. It probably wasn't nice of me to be glad I found an error in the manuscript I was proofing today, but I was. I didn't let the gladness show when I gave it back to the lead editor, but I felt productive. And I found another error in the second manuscript, which is still on my desk, not quite finished.


rgraham666 said...

With two exceptions I hope I never meet anyone I went to high school with.

So glad you're liking your new job, Jammies.


Scott said...

I'm more than likely to not even notice people I went to high school with. At my last job I worked with a woman who I went to high school with, but I didn't recognize her and she didn't recognize me.

Zayrina said...

HA! Classmate, how about teacher?

I was 32 when I became a nurse, and on my first assignment I worked with another LPN named Janice. I liked Janice when I worked with her, and one day, I ran into her at a Walmart with her new husband. We chatted while and she mentioned that she used to be a teacher. I asked where she had taught. Locally, the school I went to. erm...When? She named the date. I asked her what her last name had been then. Janice M----. Realization dawned! I yelled, "Mrs. M----!" She had been my junior high phys ed teacher. We both laughed but she was kind of mortified. I did the math and figured she must have been a brand new teacher. Turns out she hated teaching so she went back to school to be a nurse.

I recently reconnected with an old friend I knew from junior high on. She became a nurse about the same time I did. Now we are working at the same place. Weird.

Wendy said...

If you're bad with names and faces, what does that make you? (like me!) Very funny story!

Jammies said...

Rob, I'm not all that bummed that I didn't get an invite to the 20th.

Scott, you have problems recognizing your sister. Of course you don't notice people you went to high school with!

Zayrina, better to see your teachers as co-workers than patients, yes?

Wendy, hi, and always nice to see another forgetful type!