Friday, July 20, 2007

Casa de Jammies Garden Tour

The gladiolus that is the Color of Imp:

The bed along the street:

The iron hook & hanging basket at the corner of the street & driveway:

The bed along the driveway:

One of the butterfly bushes along the driveway:

One of the lavender along the driveway:

My Annabel hydrangea:

The heuchera next to the Annabel:

The round bed in the front yard:

The balloon flower in that bed:

The front of the house:

The breezeway:

Volunteer roses in my front bed--eight of them!

The front walk:

My newest hanging basket, helichrysum & black sweet potato vine:

The herb bed with dill, a volunteer tomato, sweet woodruff, chives, lamium and garlic chives:

One of the huge hostas along the garage:

The back yard:

The Blue Light clematis in the back yard bed:

Purple gladiolus in the back yard bed:

Pussy willow in the back bed:

The seating area in the way back:

Wild grapes in the side yard:


Sherri said...


Wanna come back and sit in the breezeway and goof around again. Was too much fun.

rgraham666 said...

I recognize all those things. ;)

I wanna come back too.

One thing. Why do you call them 'volunteers' when they were most definitely drafted. ;)

Jammies said...

Rob, they weren't drafted. They sprang up from stray seeds, hence the tag of "volunteer" plants. It's like the garden giving me a present. :D

Sherri, any time, and I mean that. *lurve*