Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's Really Real

Maresche sent me a PM on the Lush message board that my cubicle at New Job Place is all set up, including a name tag, and I got a phone call from the recruiter asking me to be there Monday morning at nine. I'm excited and nervous about the new job, and worried about how Bosstopus will do without me. Granted, I will be working for her on Saturdays for at least the next year, but I still have to complete one accounting and do the payroll taxes by the time I leave on Saturday. Ack.

Bigfoot is mostly healing. The bandages are off, but he still has to wear the cervical collar and a sock because the tail is going to be extremely itchy while the hair grows back. The tail was bleeding a bit this morning, probably due to having been whipped around while Bigfoot was outside, so I put Yuk all over it, then added the sock, then put Yuk on the sock. Today at least he left the sock alone. One day at a time (he does look like he needs some tail Rogaine, though).

Some truly pathetic pictures of Bigfoot and the collar that makes him look like a late-night ad for a firm of personal injury lawyers:

After his bandage removal appointment on Wednesday, I took Bigfoot over to my folks' house. Wednesday was Dad's birthday, so I wasn't allowed to yell at him when he fed my dog steak from the table. Since I'm too damn broke to buy him a birthday present, I let him spoil my dog.

Tonight, Mom & I went shopping, and she gave me $30 to spend on clothes. I got two pairs of pants and ten tops. I also found Christmas presents for Mallie and my sister-in-law Annabel. Shopping at Gabriel Brothers is just so cool! When I got home, I got a phone call from my friend Doc, who wanted to know if I was available Saturday night so she could drop off my birthday present. I hadn't quite intended it, but it looks as if I've borrowed Mallie's tradtion and made all of July my birthday month.

I'm feeling incredibly spoiled and lucky by all my wonderful friends and family.


Becs said...

Jammies, I'm so excited for you about your new job. Having been through something much like this myself, I know it'll be hard to believe this is really real.

With me, it's taken about a year to sink in.


Jammies said...

Thanks, Becs. Does the nausea go away after a while? lol