Monday, July 30, 2007

Day one and hopefully well begun

Today was my first day at Company For Which I Need a Clever Name. The morning commute took 34 minutes (compared to 44 coming home--traffic). My teammates all seem like very likeable people, and CFWINaCN assigned me a mentor, who had a basket all prepared for me filled with special pens, Post-Its, potato chips, hand lotion (she's psychic, it was lavender & oatmeal for irritated skin), mints and two different mini notebooks. I got a full tour, met with my team leader, met with the admin who handles HR stuff, and then my team took me out to lunch. In the afternoon, I had my picture taken (blech) for my ID, learned how to turn in my hours and how to bill them, then got to do some actual proofreading. They're not going to train me on the proprietary software until the other new hire starts on August 13th, so until then I will be proofing hard copy and other odd jobs to help people out.

I need to ask my dad, he of the zillion map programs, to find me an alternate way home from work that doesn't involve that first stretch of 77. My team leader told me to try every single shift available to me over the next two weeks so I can pick the one that works best for me. She said the only rule was that I shouldn't be coming in when nobody else is there for now because if I got stuck, I'd just be bored until someone showed up. Tomorrow, I might try the 9:30-5:30 just to see if the going home traffic is any lighter.

When I got home, my secret swapper from the Lush message board had sent me a HUGE box of goodies. I am making it last, and only opening one present at a time. She has a puppymonster of her own, a very very cute Rottweiler with his own website, and Bigfoot & Littlefoot went nuts sniffing the box. She also managed to find packing tape covered in devil duckies, which I must own for myself. *grin*

And Mallie sent me a lovely card that Pooty helped her write, so all in all, a pretty good day, and a really spectacular one for a Monday!

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Jay said...

Yay for good starts on new paths!