Sunday, July 29, 2007

Perfectly balanced

Long, long ago, I took the Briggs-Myers test and several other similar tests as part of a job search process with a job counselor. When all my results came back and we met, he kept saying how odd it was for someone to be so balanced between artist and accountant, creative and logical, etc. So I have known for quite a while that I need to make both the creative Jammies and the logical Jammies happy.

Putting stuff together is one way I keep both sides happy. Give me a box with ninety-'leven pieces in it and a picture on the front of a bookshelf or garden arch, and I'll struggle and sweat and swear, but enjoy most of the process and love the finished results.

Tonight, however, I have found a project that may have defeated both halves of me. It's supposed to be a very pretty tripartate garden arch (rather than the standard giant hoop o'metal) and I cannot manage to finish it. I've got all three trellises assembled, but I can't get the top. The picture in the box is no help, as it doesn't have an exploded diagram of what goes where. And of course, companies assume that customers are too dumb to read text instructions, so they no longer bother to include them.

Great. It's dark out and I just had a thought of how to do this--intuitive rather than logical. I'll try to scribble a diagram for myself and see tomorrow night if it works.


Sherri said...

Naa, you'll be arching away tomorrow evening. Was just a challenge, which means all the Jammies parts will be happy with it.

Don't touch hot light bulbs.

Jammies said...

Don't drop electric drills on your toes, either.

Don't spray the couch with Clorox cleaner.

Don't delete the payroll files.

We're just racking up the life rules, aren't we?

KLN said...

You forgot, don't stay up too late the night before you start a new job.

Good luck today!