Monday, December 24, 2007


Seriously--Mallie got me some ultrasoft moisturizing socks (Jammies brand socks, no less) and Rogue got me some similar socks, and despite repeated washings, they feel so soft my feet have little feetgasms every time I put them on.

In addition, Jay picked out a pair of Christmas socks that are too freaking cute to be believed. There will be pictures later on, but for now, I will just say that they have jingle bells on them, and even Her Majesty has nothing like them in her vast sock gallery. I rule the sock world!


the queen said...

I covet htese socks even from your description. I must have them! There shall be no socks in the Kingdom greater than mine!

Sherri said...

If you were gonna make socks, You'd make Jammies socks. That's why they have your name on them.

And as for the ultra CHristmas socks, one must know where to crawl to them them (it helps if you drop some stuff in the store so you have to look at the lowest rack...)

Jammies said...

There will be pictures soon, I just have to empty the camera card.

In the meantime, I now have an evil mental picture of the queen crawling around the floor of every store in the mall that carries socks.


Becs said...

I have to tell you both, Q & J, Santa Silk kindly sent me a pair of SmartWool sox that are perfection itself. Ha HAH! (Draws knitting needles) En garde!