Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The best-laid plans of mice and men

(and Jammieses) gang aft agley. It was nice to wake up without the alarm this morning, and nice to not have to swing immediately into headless chicken mode. It was also nice to have a leisurely shower and time to get dressed without rushing.

Unfortunately, the niceness of my day ended as soon as I got to my mechanic's. He was actually out of oil and couldn't change the oil in my car. Rather than go home and upset the dogs by turning around and leaving again in less than an hour, I opted to go get my shopping done. I just finished reading A Year Without Made in China, and it's made me a bit more conscious of labels. I wound up with a glass bowl made in Turkey, holiday cards made in the U.S., two beautiful water glasses made in the U.S., wrapping paper made in Thailand and socks made in Indonesia. I certainly am not boycotting all Chinese-made items, but I like the idea of spreading my money around the globe a bit. Thank goodness my bath product addiction is satisfied with items made in Canada or the U.S.!

After the shopping, I got a haircut, and then went to the dentist, where the niceness was further worn off my day. My dentist is no longer with the group, and now I have to get used to a new one, who will no doubt leave as soon as she has the money to open her own practice. She lectured me about my failure to use Listerine, ick, and Sensodyne, double ick, but said that the X-rays and exam were fine.

Then I came home and waited excitedly for the electrician to arrive to install my kitchen and hall light fixtures. The appointment time was for "after three" and when no one had shown up or called by 4:15, I called the company. The person I spoke with hadn't heard of me, my name wasn't on the schedule, and the woman I did talk to was gone for the day and nobody had a way to reach her. The last bit bothers me the least--I wouldn't want them calling her at home and ruining her evening, too.

So now I am here with my new light fixtures in the kitchen getting in the way, worrying about whether or not I did actually call Thompson Electric last week and make an appointment for today or if I'm just losing my mind. Ugh.

Oh, and just to add the frosting onto the Cupcake of Doom, the artificial Christmas tree in the garage which I was planning to use instead of buying a real tree this year is a falling-apart POS that should have been thrown out years ago. *sigh*


rgraham666 said...

*HUGS* Jammies.

Life's like that.

George said...

Wow, interesting tag you used on this post. It's not really whining when you got sorta screwed over a couple of times. I'll tell you when you start whining, but in this instance I believe you are fully entitled.

Wow, it's 4:31 AM, and I've been up for about an hour. I think I'm going to shave the fur from my face and watch s'more DS9.

Hugs to you, my dear. I think you need them.

Jammies said...

*hugs* Rob.

Geo, darlin', I'll take hugs under any pretense I can get them. I consider it whining when I bitch about things that I can't do anything about and I just need to suck it up and move on. :)