Friday, December 28, 2007

The things you learn on a soap forum...

I'm about the last person most people would associate with anything punk, but today I discovered I'm a huge fan of steampunk. Until today, I didn't know what it is. Then someone mentioned it on the Lush message board, and I looked it up and thought, "Oh, yeah, I love that!"

Having finished "The House that Jack Built" by Robert Asprin and , I'm currently re-reading Mercedes Lackey's novel "The Serpent's Shadow." Both Asprin's Time Scout series and Lackey's Elemental Masters series qualify as steampunk, so it was easy for me to recognize my affinity for the genre.

If there's a lifestyle as well, I'd be happy to sign up. I'm doing some serious drooling over Datamancer's keyboards and other goodies. In addition, I have a secret liking for Victorian-style corsets. Just because I can't afford any of this stuff doesn't mean I don't want all of it.


Sherri said...

I've got a corset, and I've got several boned bodices I wore frequently in my rennie days. The thing about a corset (as opposed to a bodice) is that breathing, sitting, walking and standing become completely new experiences. Corsets go for the waist, while bodices cinch around the bust.

I like my corset, but I don't wear it often because I really like breathing more.

rgraham666 said...

If you like steampunk try this link, Jammies.

It's a hoot and I never miss an episode. :D

Jammies said...

Sherri, that's what's weird about this. I know all the health hazards and discomfort verging on pain that come with corsets, and when I'm reading or thinking about this stuff, I still want one.

Thanks, Rob, I'll have to take a look.

Zayrina said...

I don't really even want to wear a bra, let alone a corset or bodices.

I am all about comfort.

Travieso said...

If you like steampunk, see if you can find the series "secret adventures of Jules Vernes" that used to be on SciFi channel. Great visuals, losts of fun adventure and tons of steampunk!