Sunday, December 23, 2007

"Christmas Every Day"

by William Dean Howells. It's a really neat story, and I had forgotten about it until Vegan Lawyer mentioned it Thursday night at dinner. I dug out the ancient anthology in which I have the story, re-read it, and am taking it to Pickypants manor with me on Tuesday.

I am also taking shrimp thingies, brownies, cheddar & port wine spread and lots of presents. Today I got my work for Mom and my shopping done, so tomorrow I can bake and cook and wrap presents and load the car. I feel very festive!

To all of my friends, whatever holidays you celebrate, may they be joyful.


captaincrossword said...

Sounds great. Wish we could be there.

Jammies said...

I do too! Love you, little bro.