Thursday, December 13, 2007

I love jammies. Love, love, love jammies.

Totally gave me a giggle yesterday when a co-worker said that. Then I had to explain why I was giggling. I'm enjoying this month of peace and quiet and preparation for next year. In 2008, I will be responsible for 22 books, and I plan to do each one well. Of course, nobody plans to screw up, lol, so we shall see.

On Monday, Scary Boss Lady brought in lunch for everyone, and it was quite a spread. Actually, I'm getting to the point where she's not so scary and just the boss now. She and I had talked briefly about the painted pointsettias being sold at Home Depot. They're white pointsettias with the white leaves/petals painted blue or lavender and covered in glitter, and for some reason, I immediately thought of BL when I saw them. She had seen them too, and hadn't bought one because she already has plenty of houseplants. Sounds familiar to me! I decided that as a thank-you for the wonderful lunch, I would get one for her. This morning, I set it on her desk, along with a thank you note, and she came over to my cube specifically to say how thoughtful it was.

Afterwards, of course, I was second-guessing myself and wondering if I was being a suckup, but if I am, I am. *shrug* It makes me happy to make other people happy and that's the whole point of this season.

We also had a dessert reception and cookie contest today. I took about two dozen of my homemade coconut macaroons just to have an excuse to make them. They did turn out ugly but yummy as always. Maresche made two big sugar cookies shaped like the leg lamp from A Christmas Story and marked "Fragile." One co-worker made gingerbread cookies and hung them on a tree using red licorice whips. There were oatmeal scotchies, Cookie Monster cookies, caramel crumb bars, raspberry almond spice cookies and all sorts of delicacies. What won? Mostly blandness. First prize went to banana-walnut cookies, which I didn't try and were probably very good given that I love banana bread. But second and third place went to spritz cookies and sugar cookies of all things. Sheesh. Bo-RING.

And now that I have the snark out of my system, I will say that it was a nice break and a chance to make macaroons and hang around chatting with my co-workers. And all of the leftover macaroons are going to my folks' house rather than coming home with me!

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Anonymous said...

fra-gi-le! I think it's Italian!

A Christmas story is one of my all-time favorite movies.
-leftyviolist, aka rosy_cheeks