Monday, December 31, 2007

Merry Christmas and I hope you choke on it!

Some asshole stole the box of presents I mailed to my friend Rogue. Even as I'm preparing a new box, I am just livid at the thought of someone stealing at a time of year that's supposed to be about love and caring. Especially stealing from someone who is one of the most thoughtful, generous, gentle people I know.

Last year, Mallie & Scarecrow gave me a joke Grow-Your-Own-Voodoo-Doll kit. I felt uncomfortable having it in the house and have nearly given it away several times. I don't think it's going to hurt anyone or anything, I just don't like the spirit of wishing harm to someone else that even an unreal and lighthearted voodoo doll seems to represent.

Tonight, however, I could cheerfully use it on whoever stole that box. I need to calm down so that all of this anger doesn't wind up in Rogue's replacement box (which I am sending signature required, even if that does mean locking the barn door, etc.).

Oh, and would the Canadians please check in and let me know if you all got your presents? I'm a bit worried now...


lisa said...

Fuckers. I am so mad.

kathykins1 said...

Yes, f'ers!! I hope it's a guy who has to explain a boxful of willies to his buddies.

*hugs jammies* - even without the Voodoo doll, whoever took the box will pay for it - maybe not today or tomorrow, but someday. Someday.

Anonymous said...

I read about a number of packages being stolen, and someone, somewhere stole the garbageman's tips.

The world has become a rotten place sometimes.wgnxgtvo

KLN said...

People are idiots, but don't let them ruin your day.

Happy 2008!

rgraham666 said...

Well, crap. :(

*HUGS* Jammies.

Jammies said...


Rob, the last time I looked, you were Canadian, so there is a question addressed to you in that post, dear. :P

KLN, what upsets me is not only that the package was stolen, but that since there wasn't anything in it that was worth cash, it probably wound up in a garbage can somewhere. :(

Canuck Girl said...

I gots my box today (I haven't picked up the mail in over a week)!