Friday, January 04, 2008

Thanks, girls

Someone over on the Cyber SoapBox posted a link to a story about a 6 year old girl who wrote an essay about her father dying in Iraq. The little girl's essay won her tickets to a sold-out Hannah Montana show. Only problem is, the story wasn't true and her mother helped her write it.

Now 6 year olds are often creative storytellers. I certainly was at that age. But for her mother to connive at this and possibly instigate it just to win concert tickets? That's pretty devastating to my general faith in humanity. I wish there were a way to punish the mom without penalizing the daughter, but sadly, there isn't. The prize was withdrawn.

I was depressed by that story, but then I found an antidote in a local story. Three Akron-area girls gave up their tickets to the local Hannah Montana show and another girl gave $100 for souvenirs. My thanks to all four girls for restoring my faith in people.

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Sherri said...

Best thing I've heard about in months. Hugs to you for sharing and I hope all those girls have a warm happy feeling.