Saturday, January 26, 2008

Getting closer...

It's now six days until we fly to Orlando. Mom & I got a ton of work done today, balanced an accounting and got all the first of the month stuff done. She & Dad will be picking me up at four a.m. next Friday, and then we are off for our cruise. It looks as if Mallie is going to meet me at the airport, and hopefully I will get to meet her menagerie.

Rogue from the Lush forum sent the 'Foots a box full of toys and treats from Drs. Foster & Smith. She sent two faceless fleecy toys, chicken pig ears and dried chicken treats. The boys wrote their thank-you notes to her, and then were allowed a pig ear apiece to gnaw on. They are happy puppehs right now!

I am still stressed and pretty tired, as I haven't slept well all week. It shows in my eyes, especially the inside of my lower lids, which are very pink, and around the eyes as deeper crow's feet. Fortunately, the big stress was the law office stuff, and now I just have to clean, do laundry and pack. I can do all of that with a happy heart, knowing that there's very little possibility of screwing it up and it's all in aid of my vacation. :)

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rgraham666 said...

Sounds like a hoot, sweetie. Have a great time. :)