Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Architecture. I has some.

For all the friends who have been gently pushing me in the direction of buying new bras--I have four. They all fit, although the blue one gives me pointy '80s Madonna boobs (which will hopefully get smooshed down a bit under my royal blue dress). I also got a chocolate brown tankini swimsuit, my first in 20 years, a dark brown pareo and two pairs of pants for the cruise.

Both jobs have been too nuts for me to get actually excited about the cruise. I've spent more time worrying about being ready to go than excited that I am going. But I do have a good idea of what I'm taking, and I'll probably get excited the day before.

Oh, and as for today's small bowel follow-through, anyone who mentions barium to me ever again may just deal with me throwing up on them. Bleargh. Results on Valentine's Day, lucky me.


Zayrina said...

*sniffle* I wants a cruise. We should make that a goal at some point, us'ens on a trip.

I have never had a barium swallow and am glad of it.

I hate breaking in new bras.

Canuck Girl said...

YAY for new bras! I hate to ask but did you go for a fitting as well?

Me and my prego boobs went for a fitting and bought an outrageously expensive maternity bra (actually it was on the cheaper end of the scale but it was the one I liked the most). It fits so well that when I wear it, it doesn't feel like I am wearing a bra at all. I then went and found the same bras on ebay and bought 3 for half the price of the store bought one.

Do your new bras need to be hand washed? If so I will send some sample hand washing soap to you. It is great, all you do is soak and gently squeeze out the water - no scrubing or rinsing. It is awesome.

Happy new bras and happy cruise.

Jammies said...

Zayrina, yes, we should go on a cruise. Maybe we should go with Queen Mediocretia on the Bare Naked Ladies cruise next year. :-)

MangoMama, I measured myself according to multiple fitting guides and there is still a variance between manufacturers, but the ones I got are definitely improvements over the old ones. I generally just throw bras in the washing machine, use the gentle cycle and line-dry. Giving my underwear special treatment is just not something I think of.

Becs said...

Chez Becs, there is no handwashing, no ironing (okay, the White Volunteer Blouse, but that's where I draw the line), and not much of anything else, actually.

And if all you guys go on the next BNL cruise, I might have to come too.

Sherri said...

Yay for the bras. Haven't been fitted (not much around here for that) but did ACTUALLY TRY BRAS ON IN THE STORE which was just weird, but I figure they are boobs and aren't going to, you know, leak anything. At least not anymore. Since my water retention issues mean I'm not the same size three days in a row, bras that fit great one day feel like hell the next, I have variety.

And a lot of giant t shirts.

As for handwashing -- if it can't take the spin cycle, I don't need it ;) no wimpy bras for me.