Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hematomatoes and cauliflower ears

My very first post in this blog was about Bigfoot's right ear. I went through about two weeks of worry, relief, worry, laughter, relief and finally he was okay.

He's apparently decided that he needs two cauliflower ears, because he's got a hematomato* on his right ear. There is some cosmic force that causes animals to get sick/have problems on Sunday nights when the choice is between the very spendy emergency vet hospital and an overcrowded veterinarian's office on Monday morning. I made an attempt to lance the hematoma myself, and couldn't manage it. I'm too soft-hearted to hold him still enough to get a syringe in deeply enough. I managed to make one hell of a mess and stick myself on the thumb before I gave up. I'll call the vet first thing in the morning and see when they can get him in and what I'll have to give up in the way of new clothes to pay for it.

*A very irritating veterinarian I saw once when Bigfoot was a puppy used "hematomato" in all seriousness instead of "hematoma." I thought it was funny and I tend to use it instead of the correct word.


Sherri said...

Dumb dogs, don't know enough to not get sick on weekends!

Becs said...

Cats do it, too. However, I'm learning the difference between scary and potentially fatal.

Hematomato, heh heh. Gus's ear looks like an old spinach leaf. Only not green.

Sherri said...

Oh yes, cats do it, too. I have seen the inside of the emergency clinic too often. Nothing quite like a cat having a hypoglycemic episode and turning into a giant fur puddle over a garbage can (you had to see it, it was truly disturbing) to send one scurrying to the $300 check out aisle...

but ah lurves mah cats!