Tuesday, January 29, 2008

El dia de sucko

Today has absolutely sucked rabid swamp rats.

I overslept and that led to much headless-chickenness to start my day.

Traffic was lousy.

When I got to work, I realized I had my wallet with me, but my purse was MIA, and it had my good BPAL LE Snow Storm perfume in it, in a holder Lioness crocheted especially for me.

While I was worrying about that, our xtml system was incredibly slow and clunky. It turns out that an electrician working at our Rochester, NY office cut power to all the servers there despite initially being told not to.

I came home, and while I did find my purse, I didn't find my pharmacy delivery. I ordered it on January 21st, paid the extra $15 for expedited delivery and was told I would have it in one week. So I called, and was told that my insurance company denied coverage and said it would have to be filled through their specialty pharmacy. Of course, nobody bothered to tell ME that until I called. The woman with whom I spoke promised me she would transfer the prescription and that I should be able to call the specialty pharmacy at 4:45 and possibly have it shipped tomorrow so it arrives on Thursday. It had freaking better get here on Thursday, because I am not cancelling my trip.


ETA: Great. The specialty pharmacy says transfers take 24-48 hours, not 30 minutes, and they'll try to get it out by Friday. Screaming is looking like a very attractive option right now.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I just got a phone call from a collection agency. Medical co-pay, of course.

*hides under bed*

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rgraham666 said...

*HUGS* Jammies.