Friday, January 25, 2008

Free at last!

Bigfoot is no longer Captain Conehead. He has been released from the Collar of Shame and is now free to carpet-surf all he likes. For the next six days, I will be cleaning his left ear daily, and then Amy will take over for a day or two. Ideally, by the time I return from the cruise, the ear will be completely healed and no longer at risk for infection. It's very nice to have him lean on me without banging a giant hard plastic monstrosity into me, and I'm sure my houseplants are all terribly relieved at not being knocked over any more.

One week from now, I will be in Orlando, ideally at Mallie's house, meeting her kittehs and bird and seeing her new view. Then on Saturday, the whole famdamily embarks upon our Disney cruise. I know pretty well what I'm taking, and I plan to clean like mad on Sunday and get everything laid out on the guest room bed. I also need to call and see if my stylist can get me in Wednesday night for a haircut so I'm not fighting my bangs the whole time I'm on vacation.

Mom & I are working all day tomorrow to try to get the law office in shape for her absence (and to a lesser degree, mine). When that is done, I will be able to take a deep breath or two and get excited about the vacation. :)


Zayrina said...

I am consumed with envy and jealousy over your trip and your new trimmer figure. BNITCH!!!!

But of course I mean bnitch in the nicest possible way.

Sherri said...

day counting begins NOW.