Friday, January 18, 2008

My odd little world

In answer to a question from Mike:

A notasheep is any white fleecy dog toy that does not have a face. Similarly, any green fleecy toy is a notafrog, pink is a notapiggie and so on. This stems from my heartbreak and guilt over the undead stuffed piggie.

In answer to the question my few readers are now asking:

The undead stuffed piggie incident occurred about two years ago, when, in a moment of weakness, I bought a set of four cutely-shaped fleece dog toys. For some unknown reason, the 'Foots ate the face off the piggie first. For a week, every time I saw the pig, it reproached me with its facelessness and increasingly torn condition. I felt as if it were haunting me, even after it had been reduced to piggie atoms too small for even the 'Foots to consider playing with. That was when I vowed not to ever again give my dogs a toy with a face. Mallie understands my guilt and my vow, and she carefully sends formless, guilt-free toys to the dogs, bless her.

My odd little train of thought this morning:

I slowed to let an Audi A4 in front of me on the freeway this morning, and noticed the personalized plate was "LOL." This led me to think of lolcats. Then I thought of the four lolcats I created yesterday and Becs' clever comment about how two of them (now three) are AWOLOLcats. When I think of Becs, I think of ISB numbers, upon which her household depends. That in turn reminded me that I hadn't put the new ISB number in the front matter of the book I'm doing.

So LOLcats helped me do something at work I might otherwise have missed.


Henry Cabot Henhaus III said...

Dey needs a notachickn.

Becs said...

Always glad to be of service.

Becs said...

International Standard Book Numbers are also called (in the plural) ISBNs. (Eye-ess-bee-ennnsss)
Some of the uninitiated may say is-bins. And yes, those who should know much better have been known to say "ISBN numbers". Vice presidents and such. So I think we can let this one go by without too much sweat.

Jammies said...

Becs, I'm aware that there are people out there who say ISBN numbers, PIN numbers, VIN numbers. I will continue to be a stickler and a snob and not join them. Hearing or seeing that makes me shudder with revulsion.

Sherri said...

It's always pleasant to know I have a use in the world. :)

Only one and one half more days with The Husband, after which I am planning a sad day with a boo hoo movie and then getting back to business.

And I like saying IZzzzBinnssss. It entertains me.

Sherri said...

Oh, an has no FINDED a notachikn. U finded a notachikn. I finded a notafrog.

Sherri said...

I finded an almost-notachikn last night. It was a canvas-ish tube with a beak and some feathers on one end and a squeaker in the center (for easy removal). However, it had eyes. that makes a face. Not a notachikn enuf.

Jammies said...

Next fleecy thing that comes into the house will be named "Izbin."

And Mike, you can just find them a notachicken.

Oh, and to the friend who asked me elsewhere about the squirrel--I wasn't completely honest with my answer. The fact is that squirrels are evil and I am happy to see the 'Foots rip faces off squirrel toys.