Thursday, January 17, 2008

I suck at titles

Really. Every time I do a post here, the hardest part is naming it. Probably a good thing I never had kids.

Today was pretty good. One of the things the surgeon told me in addition to cutting down on the number of salads I eat was to slow the heck down and not gulp my lunch. So today I used my lunchtime to eat slowly and make lolcats:

They won't mean much if you haven't seen the original Ceiling Cat.

Of course, when it was not lunchtime, I did actual work-type work and surfed a bit while various processes ran.

When I came home, my reward for taking two weeks' worth of trash out to the curb was two packages, Lush stuff from swaps/CPs and a get-well card signed by my five year-old nephew. Awwwwww.

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Becs said...

#2 & #4 seem to be AWOLOLcat.