Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hello, Clarice

Yesterday, Mom and I went to the Mellen Center for my annual MRI and neurologist's visit. I got some lovely Xanax before the test, and while it was taking effect, had a long talk with the nurse about the bariatric surgery, why I decided on it, what changes it has made, what changes I have had to make and how much weight I've lost.

When I was on the table and the tech put the cage down over my face, I giggled and said in what I'm sure was a hideous attempt at Hannibal Lecter's voice, "Hello, Clarice." Fortunately, I don't remember a whole lot more about the MRI, other than that the tech and the nurse had a hard time finding a spot to hook up the contrast IV because most of my arm and hand veins were blown from my hospital stay.

Mom and I then had a nice lunch in downtown Cleveland, took a look through Ten Thousand Villages (which is where I found the perfect Christmas gift for Bookworm Mathgeek last November) and then went back for my appointment.

Despite having been off the Copaxone for nine months in 2007, I have no new lesions, and I passed all the push this/pull that/hop on one foot tests at about the same level as last year. The doc and NP agreed that I probably had a mild exacerbation in December when the tingling got so bad, but since the choices would have been to suck it up or do a course of IV solumedrol, I wasn't out of line for not calling. Doc gave me a letter to take on the airline with my syringes (for the cruise next month), and that was it.

Today, I'm home doing gross sinus infectiony things and waiting to hear about Bigfoot, whom I dropped off at the vet's this morning for bloodwork and surgery on the ear hematoma. Hopefully, he'll come through as well this time as he did from the last surgery.

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