Tuesday, May 30, 2006

All better!

The vet just called. My angel doggie made it through light anesthesia and a small hole in his ear, and he's awake and not shaking his head or clawing at the ear. I can pick him up after work, yayness! The trick will be to keep his little brother from licking the sutures, ewwwww. I had a very nice chat with Dr. Bob, and he was charming as all get out. I also know from personal experience how good he is with animals and how much he cares. So how can he be such a horrific employer? It puzzles me to this day, and I worked for the man for two years!

To the drama mama, the things I won't say back to you and risk feeding your need:

Did you look under the couch?
Trust me, breathing's addictive, you can't stop no matter how disgusting people are.
What are you? Ten? Eeesh!

Wow, I feel much better now. *eg*


Sherri said...

Yay for da puppymonster!

As for we know who....*snirk*

Snicker said...

Licks from Tessa to cousin Stormdog.

Pets from Auntie Stacey.