Thursday, June 01, 2006

Much cuteness


Damn, they are CUTE. And watching them makes me EMPHATIC. They just pulled their fake kelp into the water, and it was a cooperative effort and it was ADORABLE. I want otters of my very own!

Smile of the day: when I woke up this morning, my How-To contest entry was NUMBER ONE on the Literotica top list for the HT category. I'm tied with Colleen Thomas, She Who Has Been At Lit Forever & Has El Huge-O Fan Base-O! I'm grinning so big my face hurts! And feeling EMPHATIC. I don't even care if the trolls come and trash the story, I have a SCREEN SHOT!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I watched a show on animal planet, like star search for pets, and this feller had an otter do a trick. He said otters are rather ferocious, belying their collectve cuteness, and they will take on alligators and kill them. He said they make terrible pets and will bite the dickens out of someone who decides to handle them. He doesn't pick up and pet his otter.

Maybe you could find some old toothless otter to have as a pet, for the sake of your doggies.