Wednesday, June 21, 2006



My brother stopped at the office today in between two hearings, one in Canton and one in Ravenna. While he was hanging around the office, I gave him the url for this blog. I don't know if he'll read it, or if he'll read it more than once, but just in case, I'm going to issue this warning: This is my place. I'm honest about a number of things here, family included. However, kidlets are off limits. There will be NO pictures of any family member under the age of 18. Stories, yes, particularly when I am in adoring aunt mode. Pictures and/or details, no.

That said, I'm having one of those head-shaking moments about the modern family. I'm sitting at home, staring at my blog and wondering if my brother's actually going to read it, and my phone rings. Two years ago, the caller would have gotten a busy signal because I couldn't afford DSL or cable. Four years ago the caller, my mother, wouldn't have had a cell phone. And not even a year ago would she have thought to call me and say, "The house phone's busy, e-mail your father, I'm worried!" I did, he didn't see it, called me and I told him to call Mom. *grin* It's amazing that all this technology actually makes us more worried about each other instead of less. The reason for the busy phone line? More technology--Dad was playing with the caller ID function on his new cordless phone and pushed the wrong button.

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Anonymous said...

Whenever i read something like that i remember of something that happened when i worked for the spotted cowbox company. One of my responsibilities was running regular how to clinics on a variety of subjects - the most favorite was How to Use the Intenet.

I was talking to a nice little old lady who was someone's grandmother - who told me she lives close to her grandkids but hardly ever sees them. Yet they love the fact that grandma knew how to IM - and would spend hours chatting with her that way.

I still can't figure out if that was a good thing or not.

Technology can be wonderful - it truly can bring people closer together. At the same time it can also distance them.