Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Great. The dog's ear is swollen up again. The last vet visit was $207, I can just imagine what this one will be. I also have to drive to Hudson and back right at rush hour. *says a lot of unladylike words* I could scream from frustration.


Snicker said...

I just got off the phone with the police, letting them know Tessa was found. The little bitch broke off the part (that we had to cement into the gound because of her weakening it with constant lunging after motorcycles) she was tied to and ran off. I wasn't sure how long she had been missing, called John, called the police, called animal control, after driving around the neighborhood dozens of times and nearly wrecking. Finally, thanks to a $4 investment at walmart, a tag with our phone numbers on it, a neighbor contacted us saying she was there.

I love my dog when she is not driving me nuts.

I think I will invest in pet insurance. At $200 a year it will pay for itself with one mishap.

Jammies said...


I am so glad she's safe! And I shall stop at PetSmart on my way home and buy updated tags for the brats.

Tell Tessa Auntie Pamela sent spanks and hugs because she's a rotten little brat. Tessa, not me.