Thursday, June 22, 2006


I'm sorry, folks. If someone has a temper tantrum because he didn't find out about a contest after it started and he feels he doesn't have enough time to do his own contest entry, then yes, you have to take that into account when he's reviewing contest entries!

He's not "brave," he's not "honest," he's already accused other people of getting "special treatment" and "head start"(s). He's having a tantrum, cloaking it in objective-seeming language and taking his anger out on the contestants. Please STOP praising him for doing so.



Anonymous said...

i read that and i have one question: how was someone who didn't know about the contest in time to enter it picked to judge it?

(i'm assuming this is for LitErotica?)

Seems like a potential conflict of interest to me.

Anonymous said...

PS - you need more pictures of Captain Conehead and Jiffypop Butt!! In fact they need their own website. And you can put together a little picture of the two of them with the caption "I Heart Captain Conehead and JiffyPop Butt" and people can print it out and post it in the strangest places.

Or not.

Signed, Lucy the Hamsters #1 fan in Eerie, PA.

Jammies said...

Listen, hamsterchickenpigmonkeyboy, when Captain Conehead and JiffyPopButt start paying for the DSL, they may have star billing.

Until then, this is MY blog.


Oh, and nobody picked this guy to judge the contest, he's just spouting opinions, which I shall now ignore. :-)