Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Swimmyhead day

It's not quite dizziness, not quite vertigo, just a gentle out-of-whackness feeling centering on my temples. It's not a heat thing, as the A/C has been on in the office since before I got here. I don't think it's a sick thing, as I've got no other symptoms. It could easily be a MS thing, and if so, may that be the only one. I've got a lovely track record on the remission and I plan to keep it that way.

Yesterday was supposedly the Day of The Beast and all, and while there were a few inconveniences in my life, I certainly didn't feel as if I'd fallen victim to Satanic forces. I feel that when there are squirrels around, because they are in fact Satan's fuzzy little crazed tree rat minions. I also strongly feel that the so-called Satanists are posers, and the real forces of evil are resident and working here in nice, quiet, oh-so-Christian/Midwestern/Republican Ohio. What are said forces doing? Taking nice, boring popcorn and turning it into the Devil's Temptation.

That's right. Things like chocolate-drenched caramel corn from KellBran Candies here in Akron, or cinnamon-glazed or bacon-cheddar flavored popcorn from Al's Popcorn in Columbus. Not only are both KellBran & Al's local, family-owned businesses, their products are freaking addictive. I always imagine Al (who looks rather gnome-like on his website ) tenderly stirring the giant vats of popcorn as he ladles on the cinnamon glaze and then dusts the resultant sticky goodness with a light layer of crack.

Woe is me, sucked into a remorseless addiction which has me haunting Al's website, calculator steaming as I try to figure out what bag is the best value. Of course, I always pretend to myself that there is such a thing as "that bag's too big--I'd never eat all that before it went stale." As if. Dreamer. You'd eat the stale stuff when it comes to Al's cinnamon-glazed popcorn.

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