Thursday, June 15, 2006

Jammies to the rescue!

10 a.m. EST.

A law office in Akron.

At the second desk from the front, our heroine, the charming (if trollish) Jammies, fetchingly attired in her new turquoise slacks & tank, with turquoise tye-dye duster.

The phone rings:

Jammies: "Good morning, law offices."

Attractive, charming, smart, older attorney, henceforth known as K: "Hi, Jammies, it's K. I need a favor. Do you have a set of Stark County Guardianship forms?"

Jammies: "They're available online."

K: "I know. I tried that and something is wrong with my computer. I download the [PDF] form, fill it out, and print it, but all I get is a blank sheet of paper."

Jammies: "Sorry, we just use the PDF forms. Have you updated Adobe Acrobat recently?"

K: "I think so. I'm just going to drive to Canton and get a packet and I'll get you guys one too."

Jammies: "K, Canton is a one-hour drive! Gas is $2.70 a gallon right now. Just give me a second before you go charging off to the courthouse."

K: "Hmmm, all right."

Jammies, after downloading, completing and printing a form: "K, it worked perfectly for me. Hey, what kind of printer do you have, inkjet or laser?"

K: "I don't know, it's got a cartridge thingie."

Jammies, glad nobody can see the eye-rolling: "Inkjet, then. How long since you used it last?"

K: "A long time. My secretary prints everything at her desk."

Jammies: "Ink cartridges can dry up and the nozzles clog. Go to "Start," "Printers and Faxes," right-click on the printer you're using, then left-click on "Print Test Page."

K: "Oh look, it says my ink is low. I've got spare cartridges, I will try one of those."

Jammies: "Better than driving to Canton!"

K: "Thanks! Have a good one!"

Proof once again that a post-graduate degree doesn't necessarily mean practical smarts. *snerk*


Sherri said...

My boss keeps me around just to handle his email and go on the web for him. He refuses to learn. Hey, I get paid for it.

Jammies said...

At least he's your boss. This was a pal of my boss'. I didn't think anyone was less computer literate than my boss, but life can always surprise you!

snicker said...

Fee, fie, foe, fum, I smell the blood of a smug, jammied one.