Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Blithering, smittenhood, relief

The brat is fine, and the vet didn't charge me for squeezing the gross stuff out of the ear. Next time, though, I get to do it myself. Lovely. More grossness follows: I didn't speak with Dr. Bob, because he was busy doing a penectomy on a cat with severe blockage. It's apparently a new, life-saving treatment for cats, but dayummm--I know some male humans who'd rather die.

I'm feeling like Aqualung this afternoon. The plumber my dad sent over to fix the toilet was a built blonde hottie who liked dogs, called me "Miss" instead of "Ma'am" and was apparently just eighteen. :-P I just sat in the computer room and thought quietly lecherous thoughts.

All in all, though, not a horrible day of the beast, but not a great one. I did get into a political pissing contest on one message board, got into a literary pissing contest on another, panicked over Bigfoot's swollen ear and my leaky toilet, but I've had worse days. Of course, I can say that now, 'cos I'm home and not going anywhere else today. *grin*


Snicker said...

I am glad that the Stormdog is better, and that it costed nada. The beast was with you.

My little houdini dog and I, along with "daddy", are going to head out to the barkpark to run some beans out of her revved up butt. A stop at mug and bun for a burger and rootbeer is also planned.

Hope your plumbing isn't going to cost and arm and a leg....

Jammies said...

You know, Ms. Procrastinatrix, we wouldn't have to always talk on my blog if you would condescend to update yours from time to time.

And get out of my head--I stopped at SkyWay on my way home and snagged a Jamocha shake because it seems like a drive-up kinda day. Too bad I don't have a convertible.

*nlh for you, ear-scritches for Houndiniette*