Monday, May 29, 2006

One toe in the water

My first online journal was and is on a privately owned website, where only 30 people ever had access and only 10 of those ever read it. Some of my friends talked me into a more public journal, so here it is.

I am becoming more and more like my Grampa Arnold, a curmudgeon extraordinaire. I haven't quite gotten to his status, but despite what Cleveland Amory may have said in "The Cat and the Curmudgeon" about a woman's inability to attain curmudgeonhood, I am well on my way to being a curmudgeonette. I like being at home, where it is quiet, and peaceful, and if I can't find something, it is because I put it somewhere safe, not because someone else touched it and got their cooties on it. I'd rather be sitting at the computer than sitting in a bar, and I'd rather be digging in the garden than digging a concert. Probably the only thing that saves me from total hermitidity is my need to earn money.

There. That oughtta be enough rambling to scare off any random strangers...

1 comment:

snicker said...

The proper term for a curmudeon who is female is hermudgeon.

I done told you that.