Monday, December 03, 2007


Today was my quarterly review. I still have a job, I have some things I need to improve, and in 2008, I will be responsible for all analytical material for the state of Kentucky. I'm also now the team librarian.

I had very weird dreams on Saturday when I napped, or one long weird dream involving (in order): rock concerts, Britney Spears, Jack Black, Jon Bon Jovi, a zoo, the seaside, singing, Egypt, facing down Set, killing a bad guy and spiders. I'd blame it on work anxiety, but it's more likely that Lush lavender gives me odd dreams.

My guest bedroom is full of boxes, each labeled with a name and filled with presents. I'm waiting for an order from Skindecent so I can tuck the last few items in, and then I will be ready to mail out most of my Christmas presents. The rest will be personally delivered when I go to Pickypants Manor for Christmas Day, to work friends at work, or to my friends Amy & Doc whenever I can lure them over here.

All in all, I'm feeling that this particular Monday could have been much worse.


KLN said...

Hey, good on ya (like there was any doubt)! And btw, congrats on that little post I noted at the bottome of the blog - 150 pounds ROCKS. You are a superstar. How wonderful you must feel!

Sherri said...

I'd say that, being as it is a review, if they DON'T say you have any improvements to make, they aren't reviewing you properly. I think it's more disturbing when you get one of those "hey, good job, see ya" reviews when you KNOW there are things you need help on.

Besides, they gave you more responsibility, which is a good thing.

Spiders? I do not like dreaming of spiders. I will wake myself up rather than dream of spiders. Bon Jovi is almost as bad.

(I'se proud of you. And my living room looks like your guest room.)

George said...

It's December already? WTH? Glad to see you are still among the gainfully employed.

Dreams are a funny thing... I've woke up in tears or horny the past two weeks. Weird.

"I hate Christmas! Give me a chimmichonga!" - Ken Titus