Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Long day

The first real snow has hit, and my commute in this morning took forever. I don't mind the time in the car, because I can think and plot and plan and dream. However, an hour in a toasty warm car that is largely stationary makes me want to go to sleep. Shortly after I got to work, the power went off--construction crews working on a new building up the street hit a power cable.

The lack of electricity didn't affect my plans for the morning, as Galahad and I were planning to use the morning to put away books anyway. Yesterday afternoon, we got most of the books sorted and arranged on shelves, and we reserved this morning for all the Massachusetts books. Once that had been done, it was time to order lunch from Aladdin's (yum), and then go get it.

All in all, a very nice, quiet day.

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George said...

Hey, first post! :)

I've found that heated seats and good music will help pass the time spent in traffic (the Audi has both, and yes, it's a wagon)

Middle eastern food, huh? Probably has vegetables and dirt and stuff in it, huh? Yukky. ;)

And I LOVE SNOW. That is all.