Sunday, December 09, 2007

A new personal record!

I managed to get lost not once but twice on the way home from PickyPants Manor. The first time, I lost ten minutes by getting turned the wrong way in their development and not realizing I'd come out on the wrong road until I hit downtown Powell. The second time, I took the truck driveway into the Flying J plaza and lost five minutes driving around to see if it connected to the auto part of the parking lot/gas pumps, realizing it didn't, and exiting and re-entering.

Still, it was a great day. I left the house early, stopped at Home Depot and bought a new space heater for the breezeway, then had a smooth, if boring, drive to Columbus. We had a nice lunch, then the boys and I built their gingerbread trees, we played a game of Uno, Anabel and I discussed the menu for Christmas dinner, and I headed home.

Despite losing some time due to my own idiocy, only the last fifteen minutes of my drive were in the dark, and none of it on 71. I did see a deer barely a heartbeat outside of the Akron city limits, and was glad I had braked because I was going down a hill. I've never seen one that close to the actual city before, and I hope it was just chance and not because there are even more of the poor things starving to death in the Valley.

Of course, feeling sorry for the deer lasts only as long as they aren't in my yard eating my flowers. Then they're just pests.

Oh, and today's Christmas socks were bright kelly green, with ornaments in red and gold on them.

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