Saturday, December 08, 2007

Sweaters and parkas and socks, oh my!

Sweaters: Bookworm Mathgeek and one of her friends are both ahead of me in weight loss, so I am getting lovely presents as they ingrow things. In fact, one day a while back, from the waist up I was entirely dressed in things Bookworm had given me--two sweaters, earrings and headbands.

Parkas: Well, actually, it's a stadium jacket. I've been drooling over this particular jacket (in chocolate) for a while. I've ingrown both my denim jacket and my fleece reversible coat, but as much as I wanted this one, it was out of my price range. Then, on Thursday, a catalog arrived with a 50% off one item coupon on the cover, and Bosstopus agreed to buy the jacket instead of giving me a cash bonus for Christmas. Today at work, I called and ordered it, and it should be here by late next week. Bosstopus and I also had a very productive morning, a nice lunch, and good luck shopping at Borders. I am now DONE with my holiday shopping. Hooray!

Socks, oh my! On Friday, there was no heat at Hyphenated Corp. Apparently, sending people home because there is no heat is something that just doesn't happen. People who had vacation/sick/personal hours to burn took the time, others left early, and some of us just stayed and worked with blue fingernails. It did actually warm up a bit in the afternoon simply due to the presence of bodies generating heat, but never reached what anyone sane would call "warm."

Because it was a bit of a slow and purposeless day, Galahad brought the tape of his two appearances on Jeopardy in 1988. Most of the team trooped down to the basement meeting area to watch, and we had a lot of fun watching the show, playing along, and laughing at the commercials. So where, you ask, are the socks?

I had worn my black flats that day, with my red socks with reindeer faces printed on them and reindeer head pompoms on the back. Tigger admired them, and I rashly stated that I have enough pairs of Christmas socks to wear every work day between now and December 25th, upon which she challenged me to do so. If I remember, I shall post in my blog which holiday socks I wear each work day.

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Canuck Girl said...

you can never have too many pairs of christmas socks!