Thursday, July 06, 2006

Frogs of Hell (tm and patent pending)

All day, I have been restraining myself from getting into a contest of wills. To reward moi-self for being all grown up, here is some of the stuff I didn't say:

Your bunnies are clearly lame copies of my Frogs of Hell! I have the first and only flame-spitting, fireproof, poisonous, mauve-and-orange Frogs of Hell, custom bio-engineered at the personal behest of Satan herself, Supreme Commandress of the Underworld and Dictatrix for Time Eternal. The best you could do was change some words in my description. Ha! As far as cleverness, imagination, and yes, restraint goes, I WIN!

*neener, neener, neener*

Wow, I feel better now!


Sherri said...

I'm gonna get that on a T shirt for you eventually...including the Neiner Neiner part.

Jammies said...

Just make sure you spell it "Neener, neener."

I don't CARE if your way makes more sense, it's my saying and I'll spell it how I want to.

So there.

Neener neener.

Anonymous said...

yeah but nufin beats turkeys with nuclear warheads....